SS DAV Centenary Public School, Khunti is a Senior Secondary,co-educational, School. The School has on its rolls more than 2150 students. Each individual, here, is expected to reach his full potential. To achieve this, we provide a positive and creative learning environment, which incorporates a rich and varied programme of experiences and opportunities. This enables all pupils to experience success that can be celebrated and valued, thereby developing a positive attitude to learning and life. We aim to teach various skills, social awareness and independent living so that our pupils can establish a meaningful role in society. We believe that it is important to develop pupils’ confidence and self-esteem, together with appropriate skills, values and attitudes. This can empower them to take full advantage of their life chances, become valued and valuable members of society, and meet the challenges ahead.

The school has 4 grand and beautiful buildings comprising class rooms, Administrative spaces, Library, computer and science laboratories. The campus is spread over about 6.21 acres of land. The CBSE results of Secondary and Senior Secondary (+2) has always been satisfactory. The Class Average of XII(Science) CBSE Board Examination 2012 was 75.6. Many students after completing their Twelfth standard join professional colleges such as Engineering, Medical and Business Management.

Swami Dayanand Saraswati

The founder of the Arya Samaj and the great Path maker of Modern India.

Lala Lajpat Rai

Who founded and nurtured the DAV Movement.

Mahatma Hansraj

Who fulfilled the pledge of 25 years honorary service as first Principal of the first DAV College at Lahore.

Swami Shradhanand

"(1856-1926) Founder of Gurukula Shiksha Pranali"

N . D. Grover

Who turned the DAV movement into a revolution in Eastern India